Joanne Clancy is an Irish crime writer, from Cork, Ireland. She is an avid reader, a self-confessed Kindle  addict, and a tea fiend!
Joanne’s books combine murder, mystery, and suspense with a twist of psychological drama and some  romantic suspense for good measure!
Her crime books have consistently hit the Amazon paid bestseller lists in Crime, Thrillers & Mystery. Joanne Clancy is a Kindle All-Star and an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award quarter-finalist.


Joanne’s bestselling crime novels include:

* I Should Have Told You

* Before I’m Gone

*The Detective’s Wife

*If You Tell Anyone


*Killing Time


*Killer Friends

*A Daughter’s Secret

*The Offering


openyoureyes  Some secrets can destroy you…

Detective George Ellis is investigating the possible link between a suicide and the kidnapping of a  woman in broad daylight. As his personal life falls apart, and his wife’s betrayal pushes him close to  the edge, a killer plays with his mind and the life of the kidnapped woman.
The woman is alone, vulnerable, and knows something about George that he’d rather keep secret.
However, a sinister individual, lurking in the shadows, knows what he’s trying to hide, and they’re  watching and waiting.
George must open his eyes to what’s really going on, before someone close to him is the next victim  of a dark and deadly mind.

OPEN YOUR EYES is the latest release by Joanne Clancy. She is currently working on her twenty-fourth book, RETURN TO ME, which is available to pre-order now at the special price of $0.99/ 99p.


 Losing someone can destroy you, but finding them can be worse… I’m surprised at how naive he was and how little he knew. He should never have  trusted me, but some lessons must be learned the hard way.Detective George Ellis thought he had it all: the perfect wife, the loving children, and the dream job.  He thought he was safe and that nothing could touch him.
He thought wrong.
Detective Ellis has spent a lifetime chasing killers, but nothing can prepare him for what’s ahead.  When a woman turns up dead, George is the number one suspect – particularly when it turns out  that he knew the victim.
Now, he’s trapped in a world of his own terrible making, but with nothing left to lose, he’s about to  find out what he’s really capable of…


Joanne Clancy’s books are FREE with Kindle Unlimited or available to buy now at:

Praise for Joanne Clancy:
I don’t have too many favorite, self publishing authors but Joanne Clancy has just been added to that list. Every time she writes another crime story she changes it up ~ Robin Lee, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

A sign of a gifted author is the ability to transport her readers, place them right in the middle of the storyline and allow them to feel the range of emotions that the characters in the book are going through. Joanne Clancy is that type of author and The Offering is the kind of book that stays with you long after you’ve read the last word. I have to confess that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the characters and the tragic circumstances that each of them faced in the story, long after I finished reading it.
I haven’t felt this way since I read The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult. Joanne Clancy’s characters are well-written and very realistic. ~ Erin Brady, Amazon Customer

Clancy’s style of writing just draws you in so quickly and without any effort on your part. I got this instantly and really want to read more. ~ Mary Bookhounds, Goodreads

Joanne Clancy draws you in from the first sentence and doesn’t let go! She has a way with words that keeps you begging for more from her! Having read previous works by this author, I know there is a great deal of suspense, heartache, joy, and a virtual maelstrom of emotions in my future! ~ Deb. A, Amazon Customer (Secrets and Lies, by Joanne Clancy)

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  1. Dear Joanna : Thankyou for giving back to your fans each and every time that you write one of your book’s. I know that I, for one, really do appreciate every book that we gst to read and share with our Peers is special to me. It also heps the author grow to know what the public wants.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Theresa 🙂 I really appreciate your kind words. I’m grateful to every one of my readers because your support allows me to keep doing what I love most: writing 🙂


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