Joanne Clancy: Writer of killer thrillers. Kindle addict. Tea fiend.

me My name is Joanne Clancy. I am a writer from County Cork, Ireland. I am a self-confessed Kindle addict, a tea fiend, and a writer of killer thrillers. I’m currently working on my seventeenth book.

I had to have a glass of wine before I finally wrote this first blog post, because although I have written almost a million words, this is probably one of the most difficult pieces I have ever had to write…
Why so difficult? Because I hate talking about myself. Maybe it’s an Irish thing, but I find it terribly embarrassing, always have, always will.

Anyway, this is a blog about how I am going to build my author platform. Not another author platform/ marketing advice website, I hear you groan. Oh no, most definitely not, this one has a twist…because I am going to do it backwards…oh yes, I’ve written the books BEFORE building the platform.

Why bother with an author platform at this stage? The simple answer is that I want an agent and a publishing deal for my print books, while maintaining the rights to my self-published e-books ie hybrid publishing. I’ve done a lot of reading and research, and had my fair share of rejections to finally accept that agents and publishers are much more interested in authors who have an author platform.

I’m going to blog about my writing and self-publishing experience/ expertise, let you in on my top secrets/ mistakes, and show you how I am going to build an author platform backwards. Won’t you join me?


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