Friday Finds #1

Welcome to the first Friday Finds–my bi-weekly roundup of interesting articles, which I’ve found online. To avoid spending too much time online procrastinating, when I should be writing (!), I save all the interesting posts I find around the web and read them on Friday/Saturday afternoons. So, I thought it might be helpful to share my finds in a new feature on my blog called “Friday Finds”.


  1. Within your heart…
  2. Affect vs. Effect
  3. Let’s be Friends
  4.  India Drummond on how to be a disciplined writer
  5. Closing the Facebook by Catherine Ryan Howard
  6. Top 10 Cleanest Cities in the World
  7. Not enough sleep? You may be damaging your brain
  8. Want to be more productive? 11 Super Successful entrepreneurs share their secrets
  9. Business blogging power tools
  10. Is time not on your side? Presentation lessons from Tony Robbin’s TED talk

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