Saturday Selection #4

Welcome to the fourth Saturday Selection–my bi-weekly roundup of interesting articles that I’ve found online. To avoid spending too much time online procrastinating, when I should be writing (!), I save all the interesting posts I find around the web and read them on Friday and Saturday afternoons. So, without further ado, here are my finds for this week’s Saturday Selection.


sat sel




  1. Plotter or Pantser — who says you have to choose?
  2. A list of Google’s top-ranked blogs
  3. How to Smart Tweet Your Way to Fame and Glory
  4. Hashtag Strategies for Dummies
  5. When you just don’t feel like it
  6. Get out of your own way
  7. Wow! 3 Books in 3 months
  8. How to make a killer case for starting a blog
  9. Tips to enhance your Pinterest marketing strategy
  10. How to format your Kindle ebook descriptions







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