Traceless #GoneGirl

If I had an award to hand out for “best hook in a novel,” Clancy would win the gold medal. The minute I started reading my eyeballs nearly popped out of my head. Traceless keeps the action moving along at a nice pace and crosses the finish line with the momentum of an Olympic sprinter. – Belinda, Every Free Chance Book Reviews

If you like authors such as Gillian Flynn or Rachel Abbott then this is definitely a novel for you. This is a super fast paced thriller that keeps you guessing right to the end.
Although it is nominally a missing persons book it actually turns more into a psychological thriller as the investigators try to unravel what really happened.
The ending was definitely a surprise, you will never guess it. It marks the book out from others in the genre. ~ John Forrester, The Crime Scene


Adam Stoltz vanishes in the middle of the night.
His girlfriend, Darcey Ackerman, is the last person to see him alive.

An international manhunt and police investigation ensue, but Adam remains traceless.

Darcy is obsessed with finding out what really happened to Adam, but she soon realises that nothing is as it seems.
Someone is watching her, and she is about to discover that there is a fine line between love – and hate…
Traceless – some people should never be found.


41ZnPa01pPL._AA160_ traceless

 Chapter 1

Darkness descended as the young couple drove towards the mountains. A small ring of fire illuminated the turn-off.

“That’s strange. Maybe we should stop and put out the fire,” Darcey said, peering out the window.

“I’m not stopping,” Adam said, shivering as he caught a chill through the open window. “It looks as if it was started deliberately, like a signal of some sort.”

She laughed. “Don’t be so melodramatic! We’re the only people crazy enough to be out here in the dark.”

“I’m not stopping,” he repeated.

Darcey rolled her eyes, but she noticed the edge in his voice, and stopped laughing. She stared out at the lonely landscape, where the dancing shadows were enough to scare anyone.

He glanced at her and smiled fondly. “Sorry, babe, my imagination is running away with me again.” He put his foot on the accelerator and kept driving.

They drove along in companionable silence at a steady pace, until Adam noticed the bright lights of a vehicle behind them. As it drew level, the driver slowed to the same speed as the campervan.

Adam peered through the gloom of the twilight at the driver, who was gesturing wildly at him. He wound down the window to hear what the man had to say.

“Your exhaust is sparking!” He jerked his thumb towards the back of the campervan.

“Don’t stop, Adam! Please don’t stop!” Darcey cried. “I have a bad feeling about this.”

Adam looked at her quizzically. “I have to see what’s wrong. I’ll only be a minute.” He patted her arm reassuringly. “You should stay here; it’s chilly out there.”

He jumped out of the campervan, leaving the door slightly ajar so that the interior light stayed on as he walked around the back to speak with the man who had parked his vehicle behind them.

Darcey clambered into the driver’s seat so she could get a better view of what the two men were doing. She stared in the mirror and leaned out the driver’s door to see what Adam was doing. He was bending down, examining the exhaust. She strained her ears to catch what they were saying.

“There were sparks coming out of your exhaust,” the man said. “I think you might have a problem there.”

“Thanks for stopping,” Adam smiled trustingly at him. A few minutes later, he reappeared at the window beside her. “Can you rev the engine, babe? We need to see how bad it is.” He grabbed his cigarettes and walked back to the rear of the campervan, where he vanished into the darkness.

She glanced in the rear-view mirror and caught the man watching her. He held her gaze until she looked away. She put her foot on the accelerator and revved the engine, while trying to see if Adam was signalling any further instructions. She strained to hear his voice over the rattle of the engine, but instead, a sudden, loud crack split the cool night air. It sounded like the campervan backfiring, or a gunshot.

She swung around in her seat and came face to face with the man. He was standing there, beside her at the driver’s window. He was alone, with a gun. Her blood ran cold…

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