UY trioHeaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.

Shona Morgan is in love with a married man. When she finally realises that he is never going to leave his wife, she is heartbroken, but resolves to move on with her life.
Jackie Fitzpatrick seems to have it all–a loving husband and two beautiful children, but that doesn’t stop her embarking on an illicit affair.
Penelope Garrett has had enough of being treated badly by the men in her life, and is determined to seek revenge when her latest boyfriend lets her down.
Rebecca McNamara thinks she has the perfect marriage, but her idyllic life comes crashing down around her when she discovers her husband’s dark secrets.
Four scorned women, one adulterous man, and the price he has to pay for their revenge…

Praise for Unfaithful
If you like your novels steamy, this is a great little find. The story really got me emotionally involved – I’d find myself saying to my husband, “You’ll never guess what this total scumbag’s up to now!” ~ Lacey Dearie, Amazon Customer

I loved this book, I can’t say it enough! The whole story is well written and has you entwined from the beginning.
The perfect ratio of love, sex and storyline, I highly recommend this book. ~ Katy, Goodreads

Available this weekend at Amazon at half price ($2.99) for all three books!


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