Black Friday Amazon Deals, by Joanne Clancy

Happy Thanksgiving! To celebrate, I have three box sets, which I have reduced to 99 cents/ 99p until December 4th.

Secrets and Lies (The Complete Trilogy)

Secrets and Lies The Complete Trilogy comprises all three books in the trilogy: Secrets and Lies, Aftermath, and Redemption.


Quarter-finalist at the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards, 2013 

Kerry Darcy has loved Conor, her childhood sweetheart, for more than twenty years. They’ve built their dream home together, raised a happy family and are still madly in love.

Hope Kennedy seems to have it all; a fabulous job, a luxurious apartment and best of all she’s married to her soulmate, Niall.

Two very different women, two perfect husbands; but what happens when their lives horribly collide?
The terrible force of chaos ensues; a force that takes its fateful hold on time and place. It ruptures the present, warps the future, replacing order with confusion, confidence with trepidation and control with powerlessness. Lives are ended for some, changed forever for others and a most significant chain of events is about to unfold with catastrophic results.

Praise for “Secrets and Lies”
The characters are interesting and well drawn. The plot is good. As far as the actual writing goes, clearly this author has talent. She can make you believe you are right there, overhearing a conversation between two of her characters.
~ Ionia Martin, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer


UY trioUnfaithful The Complete Trilogy comprises all three books in the trilogy: Unfaithfully Yours, Revenge, and Web of Deceit

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.

Shona Morgan is in love with a married man. When she finally realises that he is never going to leave his wife, she is heartbroken, but resolves to move on with her life.

Jackie Fitzpatrick seems to have it all–a loving husband and two beautiful children, but that doesn’t stop her embarking on an illicit affair.
Penelope Garrett has had enough of being treated badly by the men in her life, and is determined to seek revenge when her latest boyfriend lets her down.
Rebecca McNamara thinks she has the perfect marriage, but her idyllic life comes crashing down around her when she discovers her husband’s dark secrets.
Four scorned women, one adulterous man, and the price he has to pay for their revenge…

Praise for Unfaithful
If you like your novels steamy, this is a great little find. The story really got me emotionally involved – I’d find myself saying to my husband, “You’ll never guess what this total scumbag’s up to now!” ~ Lacey Dearie, Amazon Customer

Click here to buy Unfaithful for 99 cents or 99p now!

BOXSET66FINAL1KILLING TIMES 6 (6 Complete Mystery Thrillers)

1. A Daughter’s Secret: Two can keep a secret, if one of them is dead.

2. Killer Friends: Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

3. Killing Time: Everyone makes choices, but choices have consequences.

4. Shattered: Two screams ring out on the still morning air, shattering the middle class complacency.

5. The Offering: It was the beginning of everything, and also the end.

6. Watched: Darkness turned to light, as the full moon lost its potency.

Facts about the Books:
*Thousands of copies sold
*Bestseller rankings as high as #1
*Hundreds of reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars

A sign of a gifted author is the ability to transport her readers, place them right in the middle of the storyline and allow them to feel the range of emotions that the characters in the book are going through. Joanne Clancy is that type of author. Erin Brady, Goodreads

I love Joanne Clancy’s crime novels. They are always intriguing murder/mysteries written from different viewpoints. Plus, I always get to travel back to beautiful Ireland. Great characterization with very suspenseful, excellent plots. Robin Lee, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

Clancy is a master of suspense. Sandra, Amazon Customer

6 complete mystery thrillers for the price of one! Limited time special offer. Click here to buy now!


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