A Christmassy Friday Finds

On Fridays, I like to share the interesting and entertaining articles I’ve discovered online during the week, and so today I would like to share my Christmassy “Friday Finds” and also my last post of 2014. I’ll be taking next week off to enjoy the holidays with friends and family. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas. A huge thank you to all my wonderful readers for their support during 2014. See you in the New Year!

  1. xmasfrifindsNigella Lawson’s Christmas Recipes, including Ham in Coca-Cola
  2. Delia Smith’s Classic Christmas Recipes
  3. Christmas Deals and Gift Ideas at Amazon
  4. Listen to free Christmas music online
  5. A perfect Christmas indulgence: my favourite Banoffee Pie recipe
  6. Free Christmas e-cards
  7. Christmas Gift Guide for Caffeine Fiends
  8. Christmas Gifts for Writers
  9. Christmas Gifts for Book Lovers
  10. Christmas Gifts for Jet-Setters

One comment

  1. Happy christmas have a lovely time with your family thank for your help pn my blog by doing the Q & A post and for letting me review your fab book the gift happy new year to you too hope u have a lovely time i love your blog too thank again AJ

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