12 Kindle Book Deals #2

Welcome to the second of my 12 deals of Christmas celebration, where I am running a special $0.99/ 99p deal on 12 of my best selling Kindle books. Deal 1 featured THE GIFT: A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.

Next up, is IF YOU TELL ANYONE, which will be $0.99/ 99p until Saturday, December 27th.

The Ellis Jones Mysteries Book 2

Love, lies, and a deadly secret…how well can two people ever really know each other?

Victoria Spencer is in love with the perfect man, until she discovers his deadly secret. Digging deep into Jason Ford’s past, she discovers the devastating truth of his private world–a world he has tried to keep hidden from her.
Jason is desperately trying to balance his two lives, but he is running out of time…killing time, and when a woman turns up dead, the finger of suspicion points squarely at him.
However, Detective George Ellis gets the feeling that there’s more to the murder than meets the eye. His investigation leads him to probe the dark heart of evil, as he unwittingly helps Victoria in her pursuit of justice.
Victoria has learned to mistrust everyone around her. She will do anything to protect herself, but what if it’s not enough?

Click here to buy now at Amazon.


If you enjoy twist and turns, suspense, on the edge your seat rollercoaster ride of emotions with an unexpected ending THIS BOOK IS IT! What a great read! — Kelly, Goodreads

This is an exceptional book, what’s not to like, mystery, suspense and more. — Michele, Amazon Reviewer

Clancy’s latest book is filled with her classic twists and turns. She reminds us that nothing is ever what it seems. — Sandra, Amazon Reviewer

Click here to buy now at Amazon.


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