Open Your Eyes #SampleSunday #amreading


openyoureyesDo you know what it’s like to look into the eyes of the person you love and see them looking back at you as if you are the devil? Do you have any idea what it’s like to be called a liar and have no one believe you?

I couldn’t tolerate being hated for something I didn’t do. I was tired of the tears and the screaming. Imagining my own death provided a temporary relief. I pictured the peace of floating away into oblivion and leaving all my problems behind, so I decided that the only way of getting my life back was to disappear… Available now at Amazon. Click here.


Some secrets can destroy you.

Detective George Ellis is investigating the possible link between a suicide and the kidnapping of a woman in broad daylight. As his personal life falls apart, and his wife’s betrayal pushes him close to the edge, a killer plays with his mind and the life of the kidnapped woman.

The woman is alone, vulnerable, and knows something about George that he’d rather keep secret.

However, a sinister individual, lurking in the shadows, knows what he’s trying to hide, and they’re watching and waiting.

George must open his eyes to what’s really going on, before someone close to him is the next victim of a dark and deadly mind.



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