New Release, Ebook Sale, and The Gift

returnKindleTo celebrate the release of my latest book, Return to Me (The Missing, Book 2), I am running a half-price sale ($0.99/ 99p) on Open Your Eyes (The Missing, Book 1) until next Friday, June 5th.
I know it’s a little early to be thinking about Christmas–208 more sleeps, to be exact–but my Christmas novella, The Gift, is free until next Tuesday.

Return to Me (The Missing, Book 2)
Losing someone can destroy you, but finding them can be worse…
I’m surprised at how naive he was and how little he knew. He should never have trusted me, but some lessons must be learned the hard way. 
Detective George Ellis thought he had it all: the perfect wife, the loving children, and the dream job. He thought he was safe and that nothing could touch him.
He thought wrong.
Detective Ellis has spent a lifetime chasing killers, but nothing can prepare him for what’s ahead. When a woman turns up dead, George is the number one suspect – particularly when it turns out that he knew the victim.
Now, he’s trapped in a world of his own terrible making, but with nothing left to lose, he’s about to find out what he’s really capable of…


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