Killing Time


Everyone makes choices, but choices have consequences – consequences that may cost Jack Martin his life. Jack is forced to deal with the past, while desperately trying to balance the present, but he is running out of time…killing time.
Eric Martin is murdered in cold blood, while his wife lies sleeping beside him. She is savagely beaten and left for dead. Somehow, she survives the brutal attack. A two million euro inheritance seems to be the motive for the murder, and the finger of suspicion points squarely at Jack.
However, Detective Chief Inspector Charlie Scott gets the feeling that there’s more to the crime than money. Her investigation leads her to probe the dark heart of the Martin family, where she uncovers the horrifying story that is at once a bloody murder mystery and a heart-breaking story of the worst kind of betrayal.


An excellent book which I thoroughly enjoyed. The suspense was gripping, and I could not wait to retire at night to continue reading. I had an idea who the murderer was, but had no thoughts on why he had committed the crime. I enjoyed the surprising sting in the tail at the end, and can recommend this book as a really good thriller. ~ Marilyn Carne, Amazon UK

Have read a few books from this author and find them enjoyable. Would read more from this author.Love the ending. ~ Amazon UK, Ellen Anderson

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