The Ellis Jones Mysteries

The Ellis Jones Mysteries can be read as standalone novels. The actual order is as follows:


 Traceless_Cover_for_Kindle (2)Traceless

Adam Stoltz vanishes in the middle of the night.
His girlfriend, Darcey Ackerman, is the last person to see him alive.

An international manhunt and police investigation ensue, but Adam remains traceless.

Darcy is obsessed with finding out what really happened to Adam, but she soon realises that nothing is as it  seems.
Someone is watching her, and she is about to discover that there is a fine line between love – and hate…

Traceless – some people should never be found. 






If_You_Tell_Anyone_Cover_for_KindleIf You Tell Anyone


Love, lies, and a deadly secret…how well can two people ever really know each other?

Victoria Spencer is in love with the perfect man, until she discovers his deadly secret. Digging deep into his past,  she finds the devastating truth of his private world–a world he has desperately tried to keep hidden from her.

Detective George Ellis helps Victoria in her pursuit of justice, but she soon begins to mistrust everyone around  her.

She will do anything to protect herself, but what if it’s not enough?





 The Detective’s Wife

Life can change in an instant.

What if your life was one big lie? What if no one knew your darkest secret?

Ben Miller is torn between two worlds. He has spent a lifetime running from the secrets and lies of his past, but the past is about to catch up with him. An unexpected encounter forces him to face the consequences of what he did one fateful night seven years ago.

Vanesssa Murphy is a high-powered lawyer, used to getting her own way, whatever the cost. However, the pretence of living a successful life is about to come crashing down around her. Soon, she will be locked away and hated, unless she can get rid of Ben Miller, who is the only piece of damning evidence against her.

What happens when the past and present lives of two strangers horribly collide?
Find out in “The Detective’s Wife”, a story about the secrets we keep, the ties that bind us, and the true cost of the lies we tell.



If you like authors such as Gillian Flynn or Rachel Abbott then this is definitely a novel for you. This is a super fast paced thriller that keeps you guessing right to the end.
Although it is nominally a missing persons book it actually turns more into a psychological thriller as the investigators try to unravel what really happened. The ending was definitely a surprise, you will never guess it. It marks the book out from others in the genre. ~ John Forrester, The Crime Scene

I loved this book. If I had an award to hand out for “best hook in a novel,” Clancy would win the gold medal. The minute I started reading my eyeballs nearly popped out of my head. Traceless keeps the action moving along at a nice pace and crosses the finish line with the momentum of an Olympic sprinter. – Belinda, Every Free Chance Book Reviews

This is a great pick for any readers who enjoy crime novels or CSI. The author does an excellent job with the characters. ~ Maria Miller

Available to buy now at and Amazon UK


Final Kindle version of The Gift

Julie wants only one gift this holiday season, but it’s going to take a Christmas miracle to make her wish come true.

Julie Hamilton loves Christmas. It’s her favorite time of year, from the cinnamon smell of freshly baked mince-pies to the excitement of buying gifts for family and friends, decorating the tree, and hanging stockings for Santa Claus on the mantelpiece.
This Christmas promises to be extra special because she’s expecting the perfect gift–her first baby–on Christmas Eve.
However, a chance encounter turns her world upside down, and soon, she’s praying for her very own Christmas miracle.
Can the spirit of the Christmas season and the kindness of strangers find a way to make her wish come true? Available at and Amazon UK



The truth changes everything…

It was a dangerous proposition: sex for money with a complete stranger. Cold, scared, and alone: just where the killer wanted her. She had smiled her most beguiling smile at the driver who had picked her up, and now she was dead. The fog that clung grimly to her frail corpse as she lay on the edge of the riverbank shrouded her body.
When a serial killer goes on the rampage in Dublin, Detective George Ellis must delve inside the mind of a murderer to discover what is driving him to kill and why. However, every lead comes with its own sinister undercurrents, and as the body count rises, he begins to unravel the shocking truth.
Knowing isn’t always better, and George’s hunt for the truth leads him to the deadly secrets hidden within his own family. As he unravels the layers of a dark and dangerous past, he discovers the murders didn’t begin on that bitter night in November, and worst of all, they won’t end there…Available at and Amazon UK









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