Unforgettable Embrace

Unforgettable_Embrac_Cover_for_Kindle Beach

Rachel’s life has become a boring and predictable routine. Life is just not what she expected it to be, so she decides to make some drastic but exciting changes.
She realises that it’s time to stop thinking and start doing the things she loves. So she quits her job, leaves her stale relationship and goes in search of her passion. Slowly but surely, she learns that life is a journey and all about the friends she makes along the way.


The book gave me very vivid scenes of Ireland. Good romance and a easy read. Can’t wait to read more of her books. ~ ARod, Amazon

I enjoyed the story and the characters. Well written and well developed/developing characters. Very believable story. I look forward to reading more from this author!
~ Sharon, Amazon

I was actually saving this for a business trip that started with a 559 am flight, but I finished packing the Sunday before and decided to start reading early. The story is thoroughly enjoyable to this point, as I had no preconceptions on what to expect.
My daughter was napping and the hubby was at the movies so I’ve demolished 110 pages in less than two hours. 🙂
Polished it off on my flight and started the next book (Unfaithfully Yours). I encourage anyone to pick this up and read it, lazy weekend, beach/pool side read, rainy day, two & half hour flight… just read it!
There were times I applauded Rachel’s attitude and drive to do something completely out of her comfort zone. There were other times I wanted her sister to smack some sense into the pea-brain I felt she had! (my sister would have been black & blue – if I had one).
The ending was something I did not see coming – but I didn’t read the synopsis before I started the book, so I really enjoyed it.
Thank you for a fantastic read! ~ Woot, Amazon

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